Heriz Serapi Rug 9x12

Heriz Serapi Rug 9x12

8,500.00 11,000.00

Persian Heriz Serapi rug. This rare one of a kind Heriz Serapi has a shimmering layered medallion intermingled with highly stylized tendrils, leaves, and flowers. To fulfill the impressive composition the weaver chose an array of clearly superior finely dyed colors like brilliant madder red, rich indigo, pale blue, midnight blue, sky blue, chestnut, mocha, lime, pistachio, black, coral, scarlet, milk white, pale pink, and teal green. The quality of workmanship, weave, and wool, are all top notch.

Size: 8'6 x 11'10

Age: 1930

Condition: Excellent antique condition with lustrous pile over the whole rug. Two small professional repairs.

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