Antique Persian Tribal Rug 6x13 Khamseh c.1880

Antique Persian Tribal Rug 6x13 Khamseh c.1880

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An old and rare gallery size (kelleh) rug woven on a tribal loom by the Khamseh of Southwestern Persia. This Khamseh tribal art masterpiece is bold, dramatic, and primal, but also has an appealing formal elegance. With no less than six generations of use, its ancient heritage is evident and there for us to enjoy.

The old tribal rugs from Southwestern Persia are known for their sparkling natural dyes and glossy handspun wool. This Khamseh rug is no exception with its intense deep indigo border, pure madder red, emerald green, pale lemon yellow, aquamarine, blue topaz, pale sea green, dark brown, and cream. Follow every flower up the border and you will discover no two are alike on the entire rug!

Size: 6'0 x 13'0

Age: 1880

Condition: Worn and distressed condition, but very floor worthy. Original ends and edges are rough. A small hole near the medallion has been backed and stabilized. Freshly washed and sparkling clean.

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