Tribal Persian Kurdish Rug 3'3x6'9 Camel Wool

Tribal Persian Kurdish Rug 3'3x6'9 Camel Wool


Antique Kurdish rug from the Hamadan area of western Persia. Great wool, colors, and a playful idiosyncratic design. Everything about this rug speaks to its authenticity as a charismatic tribal piece.

Background color: Camel. Border color: brick red. Design colors: fern green, navy blue, sky blue, lemon yellow, coral pink, apricot, nut brown, tan, white, and more.

Materials: hand knotted wool pile on a cotton foundation.

Size: 3'3x6'9

Age: 1920

Condition: Good antique condition with some signs of age and wear. More wear at one end and at the edges. Not a perfect rectangle, but full of character.

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