Vintage Persian Sarouk Rug- 10'3" x 18'5"

Vintage Persian Sarouk Rug- 10'3" x 18'5"


Superb large vintage Persian Sarouk rug with an elaborately drawn Art Deco design in clear elegant colors. This is the finest Sarouk production from Iran and it shows, especially in person.

The background is pure red with designs rendered in sea green, turquoise, fir green, pistachio green, cabbage green, coral pink, salmon pink, denim blue, navy blue, lemon yellow, red-brown, buff, cream, and more.

Materials: hand knotted wool pile on a cotton foundation.

Size: 10'3" x 18'5"

Age: 60 to 70 years old

Origin: Western Persia

Condition: Excellent condition overall with even full pile. One area has been professionally restored to the original quality and condition. It is ready to enjoy.

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