Antique 1850s Persian Khorassan Lion Rug 5'6"x10'9"

Antique 1850s Persian Khorassan Lion Rug 5'6"x10'9"


Antique Persian Khorassan rug with a rare lion design. This intriguing rug was woven in the mid 19th century around 170 years ago in NE Persian Khorassan or Dorokhsh. The spacious composition with its fantastic lions, rabbits, doves, and peacocks, has an archaic folkloric impression. Authentic old animal rugs like this one have a presence and power the later pieces surely lack.

The background color is a saturated coral pink derived from the insect dye Lac. Design motifs are knotted in oatmeal, blueish black, cream, pecan, pale pink, and peach.

Materials: hand knotted handspun wool pile on a handspun cotton foundation.

Size: 5’6” x 10’9”

Age: 1850

Origin: Khorassan, Persia

Condition: Worn antique condition with fairly even usage overall. There are some small scattered old repairs and slight loses to the ends and pile as shown. This rug has a soft pliable almost fabric-like handle. It is perfectly suitable for normal floor use and will last for many decades to come.

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